Oak Barrel Company

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Re-Find Relics

  • Barrel Gear Table
  • Big Gear Table
  • Bistro Gear Table
  • Bistro Gear Table
  • Cellar Door Coffee Table
  • Cooler Lid
  • Custom Short Barrel Cooler
  • Ginormous Cherry Table
  • Coffee Gear Table
  • Humidor
  • Keyborad Coffee Table
  • Keyboard Coffee Table
  • Kidney Chain Table
  • Kidney Chain Table
  • Lighted Barrel Table
  • Piano Table
  • Piano Table
  • Piano Table
  • Piano Table
  • Small Chain Table
  • Small Chain Table
  • Stave Saddle Horse
  • Vinyard Blind
  • Vitruvian Blade
  • Wine Spire

About The Oak Barrel Company

Fine-crafted furniture and designs made from reclaimed, white oak barrels.

Chris DeffenbaughHandcrafted in the USA. Custom designs available. Engraving available.
When Chris Deffenbaugh creates his "one of a kind" furniture, he draws his inspiration from the White Oak Barrels and other materials used. Chris has long been concerned about what humans are putting into the environment, the atmosphere and landfills, which is why he truly believes in his company's motto:

Reclaim. Reuse. Recreate.


  • Reclaimed oak barrels

  • Handcrafted in the U.S.A.

  • 100% recycled materials

  • Each piece is unique